Papers Prsented at Previous Meetings

At the Annual Meetings of ISLPMC, a wealth of fascinating research, analysis, and information is presented. Here we provide lists and/or abstracts of papers presented at those meetings. The lists are generally provided in the form of our “Conference at a Glance” handouts that we have provided at most meetings. These are PDFs that will open in a new page or tab. For other years, we have the full abstracts. (Please note that abstracts of papers presented through 2011 may be found in former issues of PAST.)

2012, 44th Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia: The Vernacular to the Spectacular

Conference at a Glance

2013, 45th Annual Meeting in Ut1ca, New York

The Mohawk Valley – New England Extended: Landscapes of Cultural and Economic Change & Diversity

List of Papers Presented

2014, 46th Annual Meeting in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Brand New State: Oklahoma and the Great Plains in Transition

Conference at a Glance

2015, 47th Annual Meeting in North Caton, Ohio

Ohio and the National Hearth: A Mosaic of Rural and Urban Landscapes

Conference at a Glance

2016, 48th Annual Meeting in Bowling Green, Kentucky

Caves, Cars, and Cultural Connections



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