45th Annual Meeting

Papers Presented

Mapping Utica’s Religious Life

S. Brent Plate, Hamilton College

Space and Usage Evolution in Religious Structures in the Utica Area

Robert Knight, Hamilton College

Sharing Sacred Space: Possibilities and Pragmatics

Hannah Grace O’Connell and Alison Ritacco, Hamilton College

The Settling of the Mohawk Valley in James Fenimore Cooper’s Wyandotté and Walter D. Edmonds’ Drums Along the Mohawk

Barbara Rumbinas and Zygmunt Mazur, Jagiellonian University

The Black River Canal in the Writings of Walter D. Edmonds

Frank Bergmann, Utica College

William Cooper’s Vision of the Mohawk Valley Settlement in A Guide to the Wilderness

Zygmunt Mazur and Barbara Rumbinas, Jagiellonian University

Hidden Houses of Bowling Green, Kentucky: Rereading the Cultural Landscape

Margaret M. Gripshover, Western Kentucky University, and Christa A. Smith, Clemson University

Changing Landscapes: From Old Growth Forest to Suburban Sprawl

Thomas H. Rasmussen, Gainesville State College

Main Street Canandaigua Adapts to the Automobile: 1900-1930

Nathan Trombley, SUNY College at Geneseo

Rural Gas Station Reuse in South-Central Pennsylvania

Paul Marr and Claire Jantz, Shippensburg University

Molokans on the Move

Marshall E. Bowen, University of Mary Washington

Timothy G. Anderson, Ohio University

Material Culture and Ethnicity in the Pennsylvania-German Cemeteries of Central Ohio

Katie Algeo, Western Kentucky University

Cookbooks, Cellars, and Caves: Impacts of the Diffusion of Culinary Mushrooms

Capital, Labor, and the Baseball Creed: The Origins of Textile Field in Manchester, NH

Scott Roper, Castleton State College

Catskill Mountain House; Social-Spatial Delineations in an Iconic American Landscape

Courtney E. Allen, University of Pennsylvania

“Forever Kept as Wild”: The Constructed Narrative of Adirondack Tourism

Emma Newcombe, Boston University

The Convenient Sublime: Trenton Falls Visitor Origins, 1834-1870

Darrell A. Norris, SUNY College at Geneseo

“The French Connection”: Route 11 – A Biography of a Highway in Pictures

Wayne Brew, Montgomery County Community College

Untying William Dorril’s Shoes: Religion, Republicanism, and Unrefinement

Carla Cevasco, Harvard University

From Home Front to Battlefield: Clothing and Technology in the American Civil War Era

Sarah Jones Weicksel, University of Chicago

The Parlor in the Cabinet Card: Victorian Domestic Fantasies

Evelyn Montgomery, Dallas Heritage Village

Digging Up History with Spoons: What Souvenir Spoons Can Tell Us About Chicago and the Columbian Exposition of 1893

Thomas L. Bell, Western Kentucky University, and Margaret M. Gripshover, Western Kentucky University

Of a Compound Character: Post-Colonial Vernacular Architecture in the Mohawk Valley

Walter Richard Wheeler, Hartgen Archeological Associates

Diversity, Dairying, and Specialized Design: Interpreting Central New York Barns

Cynthia G. Falk, Cooperstown Graduate Program

Brookwood Point: The Evolution of an Estate from Private to Public

Michele Palmer, Cornell University

A Surface Survey of Early Mill Sites in Metropolitan Utica

Alexander R. Thomas, Utica College

Creole Houses in New Orleans

Gerald T. McNeill, Southeastern Louisiana University

New England Extended to the Southern Plains: The Yankee Three-Bay Barn in Oklahoma

Brad A. Bays, Oklahoma State University

A Mohican Station on the Upper Hudson River

Matt Lesniak, Hartgen Archeological Associates

The Lac qui Parle Dakota Mission, 1835-1854: A Critical Analysis of its Goals, Methods, Accomplishments, and Undesired Effects

Mark Rhodes, Kent State University


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