The Award is named in honor of the founder of The Society, Mr. Henry H. Douglas, and is given to an individual who has made significant contributions over the years in furthering the Society’s goals through service, teaching, publications, and/or the promotion of historic preservation. Previous winners include Fred Kniffen, Henry Glassie, Karl Raitz, and Allen Noble. In this high award, service defined broadly in order to encompass all conceivable ways of contributing to the study of pioneer and pre-modern material culture, and may include (a) research and publications, (b) teaching, (c) development of curriculum materials, (d) grantpersonship, (e) lobbying on behalf of historic preservation, (f) administrative work involving material culture, and (g) administrative, editorial, or other work in service to The International Society for Landscape, Place, & Material Culture. No single criterion is considered preeminent, and it is not expected that the awardee will excel in all criteria. In selecting a recipient, emphasis will be placed upon the quality of the contributions of the nominees. Those nominated do not have to be members of The Society.

The Awards Committee

Sara Beth Keough, Chair

Tim Anderson

Chris Post

Award Presentation

The Douglas Award is presented at the annual meeting of The International Society for Landscape, Place, & Material Culture. Please visit the Annual Meeting Overview page for more details.

Deadline for Nominations

The deadline for submitting nominations, accompanied by supporting materials, is July 30th of each year. Please submit nominations to the chairperson of the Awards Review Committee.


For more information, contact Sara Beth Keough, Chair |

Recipients of the H.H. Douglas Distinguished Service Award

2023: Chris Post

2022: Tim Anderson

2020: Sara Beth Keough

2019: Margaret Gripshover

2018: Jim Gabbert

2017: Katie Algeo

2016: Paula Reed

2015: No award given

2014: Scott Roper

2013: No award given.

2012: Alexander T. Bobersky

2011: Artimus Keiffer

2010: Philippe Oszuscik

2009: Dawn S. Bowen

2008: Marshall McLennan

2007: Charles F. Calkins

2006: Robert F. Ensminger

2005: Marty Perkins

2004: John Jakle

2003: W. Frank Ainsley

2002: No award given.

2001: No award given.

2000: Keith A. Sculle

1999: Marshall Bowen

1998: Karl Raitz

1997: William D. Walters, Jr.

1996: Hubert Wilhelm

1995: William H. Tishler

1994: Thomas J. Schlereth

1993: Henry Glassie

1992: H. Wayne Price

1991: Warren E. Roberts

1990: Fred B. Kniffen

1989: Allen G. Noble

1988: No award given.

1987: Henry H. Douglas

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