Photos from the 2021 Annual Conference — Tulsa, Oklahoma: “Livin’ on Tulsa Time”

We are pleased to share these images from our 51st Annual Conference of the International Society for Landscapes, Place, & Material Culture which was held in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in October 2021. Click any image for a larger view and/or view the photos as a slide show, using your keyboard’s arrow keys.

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A group photo from the Thursday bus tour at the Price Tower in Bartlesville, OK. The tower was designed by Frank Llyod Wright and built in 1956.
A picture from the Greenwood Rising Museum which is a state-of-the-art history center located at the heart of Tulsa’s Greenwood District honoring the legacy of Black Wall Street before and after the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921.
The Blue Whale of Catoosa, OK is a waterfront structure that has become one of the most recognizable attractions on old Route 66. It was one of many memorable stops on the Saturday Bus Tour.
The Hunter’s Home, formerly known as the George M. Murrell Home, was a stop on the Saturday Bus Tour and is a historic house museum near Tahlequah, Oklahoma in the Cherokee Nation.
The Hulah Santa Fe depot was a stop on the Thursday Bus Tour. It was built in 1923 was moved from Hulah when the waters of Lake Hulah would have inundated it. For many years, it stood alongside an abandoned Santa Fe track northwest of Bartlesville, vacant and in disrepair. It was then purchased by the town of Bartlesville, completely restored and placed on display near Bartlesville.
The Golden Driller is a 75-foot-tall, 43,500-pound statue of an oil worker, in Tulsa, Oklahoma was a stop on the Saturday bus tour. It is the sixth-tallest statue in the United States and can be found in front of the Tulsa Expo Center.
A mural in the Greenwood section of Tulsa was part of the Thursday walking tour.
The interior from the Greenwood Rising Musuem in Tulsa. It was part of the Thursday walking tour.
The Tulsa skyline at night.