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PAST Journal

Volume 37, 2014

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Table of Contents

Echoes of the Past

Paul Marr, Co-Editor


Catskill Mountain House: Social-Spatial Delineations in an Iconic American Landscape

Courtney Allen

Brookwood Point: The Evolution of an Estate from Private to Public

Michele Palmer

The Mohawk Valley: New England Extended — A Field Trip Through Landscapes of Economic and Cultural Change and Diversity

Wayne Brew and Scott C. Roper

Sterling Reputation? Representation and Commemoration in the 1893 World’s Fair Souvenir Spoons

Thomas L. Bell and Margaret M. Gripshover

The Distribution and Forms of Rural Gasoline Stations in South-Central Pennsylvania

Paul Marr and Claire Jantz

Staple Anew: The Potential of an Adaptively Re-Used Gasoline Station in Powell, Wyoming 85

Keith A. Sculle

Student Research

Main Street Canandaigua Adapts to the Automobile: 1900-1930

Nathan Trombley

On the Road

The French Connection’: Interstate Route 11 – A Biography of a Highway in Pictures

Wayne Brew